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Stage 7: 30 to 2000 AD – The Current Era

Various events are highlighted in Chart 7 above for emphasis and further review. Those highlighted in bold red will be examined in more detail in the following pages, while those in bold blue have been noted for context and occasionally addressed in our growing collection of informative Articles in the About section.

Stage 7

The proclaimed kingdom
On the Day of Pentecost, God begins to fill people with His Spirit. God Himself comes to live inside those who repent and believe His gospel. They’re citizens of God’s Kingdom – they live in His presence and under the blessing of His rule. God’s Kingdom has come in a revolutionary new way! Following Pentecost, the Gospel spreads exponentially from Jerusalem to Judea, Samaria, and “the outermost parts.” Human civilizations rise and fall throughout the globe while the Great commission progresses, seeking to penetrate each one. The number of those who count themselves to be Christians grows. 

Navigation Notes

Look below and you’ll notice Up and Down buttons in the middle. Using these buttons you can navigate directly through our timelines. For each timeline we will take a detailed tour using the outside buttons to investigate historical events and people noted in bold red on the current chart (the preferred route, especially for your early visits to our website). Our Chart 7 tour will allow us to look more closely at Pentecost, the spread of the Gospel, and the establishment, expansion, and various movements in the Church in the centuries leading up to where we are now.

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