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Stage 3: 2000 to 1500 BC

Various events are highlighted in Chart 3 above for emphasis and further review. Those highlighted in bold red will be examined in more detail in the following pages, while those in bold blue have been noted for context and occasionally addressed in our growing collection of informative Articles posted in the About section. Click here for more information about Don Roth’s dates.

Stage 3

The promised Kingdom
God calls Abraham and promises him a land. Deuteronomy 8.7-9 describes it as a bountiful paradise. God tells Abraham that he’ll become a great nation, and that his offspring will possess this land. That nation is Israel; the land is Canaan. Here, God’s people will live in His presence in His paradise.

But God goes further. He promises Abraham that he’ll father a multitude of nations. Through this man all the families of the Earth would find blessing – blessing that can only be found in God’s presence (see Psalm 16.11 and compare Revelation 7.15-17). God is looking forward to the time when His ransomed people would be drawn “from every tribe and language and people and nation” (Revelation 5.9, and see Revelation 7.9) across the globe, to a time when God will live within them by His Spirit (see Galatians 3.14).

Navigation Notes

Look below and you’ll notice Up and Down buttons in the middle. Using these buttons you can navigate directly through our timelines. For each timeline we will take a detailed tour using the side buttons to investigate historical events and people noted in bold red on the current chart (the preferred route, especially for your early visits to our website). Our Chart 3 tour will allow us to look more closely at Abraham’s calling to the Promised Land, through Joseph and Israel’s sojourn and slavery in Egypt, and on to the Exodus under Moses.

God seeks to enlighten Man