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Human Population

(video best appreciated when viewed in full screen mode)

This is another video that assumes that the first creatures on the planet biologically identifiable by today’s standards as human beings based on current genetic studies probably originated in central Africa and migrated out and over the world from there. As noted previously, the history of creation we have presented allows for the possibility that the creation of genetically human creatures (bios) may have preceded the emergence of a specific man and woman, Adam and Eve, in Eden within Mesopotamia (“the land between the rivers”) who were endowed with spiritual awareness of (zoe) and relationship with their Creator.

This video carries us from prehistoric times up to the present and documents the recent rapid growth in the population of mankind, along with some of the dilemmas and responsibilities associated with that growth. We do, indeed, have dominion, but is it all up to us? Are we, like much of prehistoric mankind, under the illusion that we alone are in charge of our own destiny? Does our God have a plan?

Where is the light?