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1000 to 1300 AD – The High Middle Ages

1054 Eastern Orthodox Church schism

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1096 Start of Crusades

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1215 Magna Carta signed in England

As early as the 13th Century, the powers of monarchy were being challenged as a more educated populace became aware of abuses. In a complicated and colorful set of developments in England summarized in this History article, King John (the villain of Robin Hood stories who was described by contemporary chroniclers as “sinfully lustful and lacking in piety” and reputed to be the worst of England’s kings) worked out what was originally a peace treaty with a coalition of enraged barons designed to quell civil rebellion in 1215. When this attempt failed, civil war broke out and raged until King John’s death of dysentery the following October. John’s successor was 9 year old eldest son, Henry III. Young Henry’s regent, William Marshall, revived the previous year’s failed peace treaty in a revised form as the Magna Carta (“Great Charter”), and through skillful diplomacy was able to restore the peace, not only at home in England but abroad in France and with the Pope. After further revisions in 1217 and 1225 it took on its final historical form.

Over the centuries that followed, the Magna Carta has served as an inspiration and model to others seeking to establish human rights in their societies. Perhaps one of the most notable examples was in the sentiments expressed in the American Revolution in 1776 where clear references may be found in the Declaration of Independence and subsequent Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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