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Agape in action

“Bring Him Home” is a song from the popular 2012 movie version of the Broadway musical Les Misérables. A reviewer said, “One of the most emotionally powerful moments in the musical is a prayer Valjean sings offering his life to God in exchange for the younger man’s life.” The song has become an anthem for people around the world and helps provide comfort for those in need. Many have adopted it as a personal prayer for their loved ones who serve in the armed forces, missions, or are otherwise apart from their families.


God on high hear my prayer.
In my need You have always been there.

He is young; he’s afraid.
Let him rest, Heaven blessed.
Bring him home
Bring him home
Bring him home

He’s like the son I might have known,
if God had granted me a son.
The summers die, one by one.
How soon they fly, on and on,
and I am old and will be gone.

Bring him peace; bring him joy.
He is young – He is only a boy!

You can take, You can give.
Let him be; let him live.
If I die, let me die. Let him live.
Bring him home
Bring him home
Bring him home

Eros in error

This now classic popular song sung by Peabo Bryson and accompanied by Kenny G on his 1993 “Breathless” album is a perfect demonstration of the romantic quality of eros drifting rapidly into out-of-bounds sexual behavior. The music and lyrics are so temptingly seductive – literally erotic – and sound so appealing and reasonable given the circumstances depicted.

Is what is suggested being guided by the light and love of God? What if one or the other of the participants are married? Or what if they aren’t? Is this freedom? Are there boundaries within which married couples may safely and wholeheartedly enjoy eros? Can you enjoy a wood fire in a home fireplace? What about the same fire a few feet out into the middle of the room?


Silence takes over, saying all we need to say.
There’s endless possibilities In the moves we can make.
Your kiss is giving every indication If this heart of mine is right

By the times this night is over
The stars are gonna shine on two lovers in love
And when the morning comes It’s gonna find us together
In a love that’s just begun.

By the time this night is over
Two hearts are gonna fly to the heavens above
And we’ll get closer, and closer and closer
By the time this night is over

Let’s take a slow and easy ride,
just lay back and let love take us over.
There’s magic here with you and I, and it’s gonna take us all the way.
Let’s find some kind of deeper conversation, and darling if it’s right


A night like this may never come again,
and you won’t want this lie to end
Oh baby, we can have it all! By the time this night is over


Gonna wrap my lovin’ arms around you.
By the time this night is over Heaven’s gonna smile,
gonna smile on two lovers.
By the time this night is over, by the time this night is over


Light always available