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Proclaimed Teachings of Jesus

Teachings on Discipleship, Missions, and the Ecclesia

In addition to being a “living letter” and speaking clearly about His Identity and relationship to His Father, Creation, and the world of humanity, Jesus taught openly to groups of disciples, publicly in Synagogues, and to large open air gatherings. A full report of His public teaching is given in the Gospel of Matthew in what are referred to as The Five Discourses, the first four of which are listed below. Jesus’ fifth discourse was delivered on the Mount of Olives during Passion Week and will be discussed further in that section. Each title is linked with a PDF of the chapters of Matthew listed for you to read and allow Jesus’ words to speak directly to you. Below each heading is a summary list of the contents of that Discourse. Please consider printing the Discourses and coming back to reread each one to let the reality of what is said sink in.

1-The Sermon on the Mount – Matthew 5-7

  • Jesus teaches the multitudes on a hill on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee
  • includes the Beatitudes and the Lord’s Prayer
  • contains the central tenets of Christian discipleship, expressed as a set of blessings
  • echoes the highest ideals of Jesus on love, humility, mercy, spirituality and compassion.
  • teachings on issues such as divorce, lust, worldliness
  • issues of persecution and further instruction on how to pray and words on false prophets

2. The Missionary Discourse – Matthew 10

  • Jesus commissions and instructs the twelve apostles (named in Matthew 10:2-3)  outside Nazareth in Galilee
  • advice to them about how to travel from city to city, carry no belongings and to preach only to Israelite communities
  • warnings to be wary of opposition, but have no fear for they will be told what to say to defend themselves when needed: “For it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.”

3. The Parabolic Discourse on the Kingdom – Matthew 13

  • Jesus proclaims Kingdom principles in parables by the Sea of Galilee
  • spoken to the multitude and includes the parables of the Sower, the Tares, the Mustard Seed and the Leaven
  • spoken to the disciples and includes the parables of the Hidden Treasure, the Pearl and Drawing in the Net

4. The Discourse on the Ecclesia (or Community of Believers) – Matthew 18

  • Jesus teaches the disciples at Capernaum on the Sea of Galilee
  • includes the parables of The Lost Sheep and The Unforgiving Servant
  • anticipates a future community of followers (ecclesia) and the role of the apostles in leading it
  • discusses the powers of binding and loosing and being given the keys to the kingdom of heaven
  • emphasizes the importance of humility and self-sacrifice as the high virtues within the anticipated community
  • teaches that in the Kingdom of God, it is childlike humility that matters, not social prominence and clout

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